contest theme

/e·mò·ti·con/ illustrate emotions intends to explore the theme of the beauty of human beings in the expression of their emotions. “Fantastic journeys and extraordinary encounters” is the subtitlethat shall serve as source of inspiration for this third edition.

In particular, we ask to explore, through illustration, one or more of the following themes:

a) the beauty of human beings
in the emotions of discovery, surprise, amazement and adventure

b) the beauty of human beings
as an act of resistance and an engine of change

c) the beauty of human beings
in the relationship with the other, different from one’s self


The contest is addressed to illustrators (professionals, non-professionals, students) not older than 35 years at the time of publication of the completion notice, and of any citizenship.

timeline and conditions

The contest was released on March 31th 2020 and closes at 11 p.m. on May 10th 30th 2020.

Each illustrator must present 2 different illustrations, original and preferably unpublished. In case of illustrations already published, the participant must specify in which context the publication took place.

To participate you must:

1. fill in the online form

2. upload your illustrations

It is possible to upload the images directly from the website (accepted formats Jpg, Pdf, Png, max 10 MB ), or enter the link from other platforms (e.g. We Transfer, Google Drive, Dropbox etc..).


The committee of the competition will be composed of experts in the fields of illustration, graphics, communication and theater. The Committee will first select, at its sole discretion, the finalist illustrations and then, among them, the winning illustrations. The project evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the criterias of quality, creativity and relevance to the theme of the contest.

selection, awarding ceremony and exhibition

Among the projects regularly submitted, the committee will select a variable number of finalist projects (minimum 10). The illustrators that will be declared finalists will receive an e-mail communication and the works will be displayed in an exhibition in Vicenza in the summer of 2020. Afterwards, during the 2020/2021 season, the exhibition will move to Padua and Venice districts in the other theatres managed by La Piccionaia. The authors declared winners will receive a personal communication and will be announced to the public during the inauguration of the summer exhibition in Vicenza.


Each winner will receive a € 250,00 cash contribution, that will go towards the expenses for the illustration’s production.

Moreover, the winning illustrations will feature on the communication and advertising materials, both on paper and online, of the theatre festivals by La Piccionaia dedicated to youth, childhood and families. All the finalist illustrations will be part of the exhibition to be held first in Vicenza and then in the provinces of Padua and Venice. A catalog containing the reproductions of all the finalist illustrations will also be produced and published.


Works will be produced for the realization of the traveling exhibition, the production of the catalog, the creation of any merchandising materials and diffusion on the web. The winning illustrations will be used for the creation of promotional and communication materials for theatrical reviews dedicated to new generations and families.The Piccionaia undertakes to always quote the legitimate author. No further cash contributions will be paid to the winning authors for the reproductions of the works and their publication.

modulo di iscrizione

    formati ammissibili Jpg, Pdf, Png, max 10 MB/
    admissible image format Jpg, Pdf, Png, max 10 MB

    indicare il link per lo scaricamento da altre piattaforme (per esempio We Transfer, Google Drive, Dropbox etc..)
    indicate the link for downloading from other platforms (for example: We Transfer, Google Drive, Dropbox etc ..)